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Our story

Aqua Outdoors was born from a desire to add a little resort life to our own backyard. After shopping around for in-pool furniture, we purchased a pair of in-pool chaise loungers and soon realized that they enriched our outdoor space so much more than we expected! Immediately, we wanted to share this experience with hardworking, everyday people everywhere by offering a more affordable in-pool furniture option that would allow them the same opportunity. 

When setting out to create an alternative to leading in-pool chair brands, we decided that we wanted to make comfortability another reason to choose Aqua Outdoors. That’s why we partnered with experts in ergonomics to create a durable, stylish chaise that also offers maximum comfort.

Our in-pool chaise loungers enhance your tanning shelf by letting you enjoy the sun while in the pool at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Relax on a new level.

Upscale, affordable, and comfortable in-pool chaise loungers, headrest pillows, side tables, and umbrellas.

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