Our story

As my wife and I travel, we find ourselves always hanging around the pool. In the shallow areas, near the bar, meeting new people and soaking up the sun. We talked about that if we were going to build a pool in our backyard that we wanted a baja ledge and chairs to enjoy the sun and still be in the water. Sounds easy enough.

With the pool design complete and the large tanning ledge added, the excitement started. Construction began. Patio shopping commenced. Summer was coming, and anticipation grew. As the pool neared completion, there was one last item to purchase – the in-pool chaise loungers for the baja shelf. WOW! We had no idea how expensive they were, and that there weren’t very many options. Reluctantly, we ordered two of them.

After using these ledge chairs for two months, we noticed how uncomfortable they are and that we hardly ever used them because of it. Then an idea came to us. Could we make a more comfortable, more affordable, and stylish in-pool chaise lounge chair? Well, after a year of research, planning, designing, and testing we bring you Aqua Outdoors in-pool chaise lounger chairs and accessories.

Relax on a new level.

Upscale, affordable, and comfortable in-pool chaise loungers, headrest pillows, side tables, and umbrellas.

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