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Are tanning ledge loungers too expensive?

Your backyard is a blank canvas. You finally decide to put in a pool paradise for you and the family. What features do you want in your pool? Hot tub. Fountains. Fire. Lights. Tanning Ledge. If you are like us, you want it all. Now comes the design. How to fit it all in your backyard and within a reasonable budget to not break the bank. Design is done. Financing is done. Construction begins. The anticipation starts to grow, and all you can do is start to dream about relaxing in your new hot tub or soaking up the sun on your new tanning ledge.

As construction nears completion, it’s time for shopping. You need new towels, floats, umbrella, and of course in-pool chaise lounge chairs for your tanning ledge. As you search, you quickly learn that there are not many options available and the ones you do find are kind of pricey. You think to yourself, there have to be alternatives out there that are similar but affordable. Now there is – Aqua Chairs.

My wife and I went through the same process and were very disappointed to learn how much the popular ledge chairs would cost and with delivery – it was too much. So, we decided to do something about it and create our own for people that are looking for the same experience but want to spend under $1000 for two chairs, including shipping.

We spent over 8 months designing new baja/sun shelf/tanning ledge chaise lounge chairs that would be more affordable, more comfortable, and still upscale for residential and commercial pools. Aqua Chairs are proud to announce our new line of in-pool ledge loungers that will begin shipping August 1, 2019.

Is your tanning ledge bare? Did you decide not to purchase chairs because of the price? Are you still looking for an alternative? Wait no longer, Aqua Chairs are ready for you to relax on a new level.

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