Lounge Returns

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your order, simply contact us within 30 days of delivery, and we’ll replace it or refund the cost of the item (excluding Shipping and Handling fees). All returned items must be in their original packaging and in the condition in which they were received for a refund. Any damage will be deducted from the final refund amount.

Shipping and handling fees per item:
Chaise Loungers – $150 per box (up to two chairs per box)
Lounge Chair Riser – $50 per box (up to two risers per box)
Lounger pillows – $30 per box (up to two pillows per box)
Table for Inside the Pool – $50 per box (one side table per box)
Pool shelf umbrella – $50 per box (one umbrella per box)

All damages or defects must be clearly communicated to a customer service representative. Verification of the reported issues is completed through an inspection upon our receipt of the returned item(s). After our review, you will receive an exchange or refund.

All Aqua Chair products are warrantied for 1-year from plastic defects, cracking, peeling and rotting. Our products are made from UV16 PE plastics and meant to be in harsh sun and water environments but some fading and waterlines are to be expected depending on water chemicals and natural elements.

Not warrantied against accidental damage from product use or anyone besides the original product purchaser.

Email us at info@aquachairs.com or call us at 877-591-2782 for any questions or concerns concerning your order.

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