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What are the alternatives for in-pool chairs?

So, your pool has a sun ledge or also known as a baja shelf or tanning ledge, now what? You start your search for in-pool lounge chairs and discover that they are way more money than you ever planned on spending. What are your options?

  1. Pay the money for the leading brand
  2. Plastic chairs from a big box or supercenter
  3. Wood chairs that may rot over time
  4. Use nothing at all
  5. The all-new Aqua Chair in-pool chaise lounge chair

Many people I have talked to built their pools to include a tanning ledge with the intent to purchase the ledge lounger chairs. The primary reason was that the pool company presented this option in their design. Most do very little research until their pool is almost complete and the excitement starts to build for the first day to relax on the ledge. Then you find out the dreaded news – THOSE TWO CHAIRS COST HOW MUCH…YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME?! Some people buy them, some do not, some look for alternatives with minimal options.

Plastic chairs from a big box is an option, but they look as cheap as they are and not really what you wanted in the first place. Wood lounge chairs placed in the water will rot over time and may discolor your pool plaster. What do most people do – they get nothing.

Until now. Aqua Chairs has spent the last year designing, engineering and producing a new, affordable, comfortable and upscale in-pool chaise lounger. We saw a need in the market place for a more affordable and comfortable chair, and we knew we had to create one. Order a chair today and finally get what you originally wanted on your ledge at a much lower price. It is now time to relax on a new level.

12 thoughts on “What are the alternatives for in-pool chairs?”

    1. We will have a riser available to place under the chaise loungers for ledges with depths of 10″ to 14″. Should be announced and available to purchase online in early March 2021.

  1. Creative Commodities, LLC. CEO

    Why can they only be used in 9 inches of water or less. What happens? I have 15” sun reef

    1. They tend to start to float at the toe around 9 inches. They will not stay secured to the surface over this depth. We are working on deeper ledge options and hope to have something available by Q42020.

      1. Helen Overfield

        Want to know if these are suitable for use on a pool that has a liner it is not concrete also how long will it take to ship and is there a difference between white and white granite thank you so much

        1. Yes, they are safe for all pool surfaces. White granite is the same white as the Classic White but it has black and gray plastic specs in it to give a visual texture of granite.

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