Affordable & High Quality

In-Pool Furniture

Complete your Ledge with Chaise & Accessories

Affordable & High Quality

In-Pool Furniture

Complete your Ledge with In-Pool Chaise Lounge Chairs and Accessories

Aqua Outdoors

Experience the beauty of nature and relaxation with Aqua Outdoors. Enhance your poolside living with our affordable, comfortable, and upscale range of pool furniture, specifically designed to amplify your relaxation. Relaxation has never been more stylish and satisfying. Embrace the beauty of nature and elevate your outdoor living with Aqua Outdoors.


Product Description

Experience leisure in a whole new light with our chaise pool lounger. Meticulously designed for maximum comfort, our in pool lounge chairs blend seamlessly with your pool shelf, beach, or pool deck. Witness the fusion of affordability and upscale comfort in all of our pool chairs in water.

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Product Features

  • Tailored for comfort, allowing you to bask in the sun and soak in the view.
  • High resistance to sun, water, and common environmental elements.
  • Simple filling method: submerge your pool lounge chairs, fill it with water, and put it in place.


Ledge Lounger

Aqua Outdoors Chaise Pool Lounger - Home page

Product description

Now it is your turn to relax in or out of the water with Aqua Outdoors in-pool chaise loungers. Our furniture is developed to be used on your pool sun shelf, on the beach, or on your pool decking. Also designed to be affordable for the average pool owner and upscale for higher-end resorts and properties.

We have taken relaxing in or around your pool to a whole new level with our new affordable, comfortable and upscale in-pool chairs.

Product highlights



Aqua Outdoors Chaise Pool Lounger - Home page


We have designed our in-pool chaise loungers to not only be more comfortable but more affordable for the average pool owner.


With years of experience in ergonomics, our loungers are not only affordable but so comfortable that you will not want to get out of them.


We didn't sacrifice design to bring you these upscale, affordable and comfortable in-pool chaise loungers.

Product Description

Elevate your poolside experience with our chic pool shelf umbrella. Combining style, functionality, and convenience, our umbrella ensures an ideal balance of shade and immersion in your pool. 

Aqua Outdoors In pool umbrella

Product Features

  • Crafted with durable, weather-resistant materials.
  • Sleek design enhances the aesthetic appeal of your pool area.
  • Convenient pulley system for easy open and close.

Product Description

Our poolside table adds elegance and function to your pool ledge. It provides a stable surface for your drinks, snacks, and other items, ensuring a seamless lounging experience.

In pool table - Home Page

Product Features

  • Crafted from the same material as your lounger for matching elegance.
  • Choose the color to match your lounger for a harmonized look.
  • Two sizes are available for optimal convenience.

Product Description

Our lounge pillow is filled with padding designed to provide superior comfort and support. The weatherproof, fade-resistant fabric ensures longevity and easy maintenance.

Chaise Lounge Pillow - Home page

Product Features

  • Soft, comfortable, and perfect for relaxation.
  • The weatherproof fabric ensures fade-resistance and easy cleaning.
  • Available in a range of colors to enhance your décor.

Product Description

Our chair riser adds an extra layer of comfort to your pool loungers. Ideal for ledges with water depths of 9 inches up to 14 inches, it ensures your lounger remains secure and comfortable.

Chaise Riser - Aqua Outdoors Homepage

Product Features

  • Adjustable heights for optimal convenience.
  • Available in various colors to match your pool lounge chairs in water.
  • Safe for use in all pool types and easy to install.

Relax on a new level

Embrace the Aqua Outdoors Experience

Affordable Pool Furniture

At Aqua Outdoors, we balance comfort, style, and affordability in all our products. We believe that everyone should enjoy the luxury of relaxation without stretching their budget. Explore our range of cost-effective in-pool lounge chairs for your sun shelf.

Comfortable Aqua Chairs

Crafted with ergonomic expertise, our Aqua chairs are designed to offer a superior level of comfort. Enjoy the balance of affordability and luxurious comfort as you bask in the sun on our pool lounge chair in water.

Upscale Pool Lounges

Aesthetics are integral to our design process. Our pool lounge furniture combines style and functionality, enhancing your pool ambiance. With attention to detail, our tanning ledge lounger provides a sophisticated and relaxing pool experience.

Aqua Outdoors Reviews

Check out our customers’ experiences and reviews to see how Aqua Outdoors has transformed their poolside relaxation.

A chaise lounger at a good price point without skimping on quality!

So excited to finally
have loungers for our tanning ledge!

I first bought one chair and then I had to buy another!

Aqua Outdoors Gallery

Explore our range of products in the Aqua Outdoors gallery and visualize the transformation of your pool area!


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