Chaise Ledge Bundle
Chaise Ledge Bundle
Chaise Ledge Bundle
Chaise Ledge Bundle

Chaise Ledge Bundle

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Elevate Your Poolside with Chaise Lounge Chairs

Is your ledge 9-14 inches deep and bare? Shop our Deep Aqua Bundle and save 5% on accessories!

The Deep Aqua Bundle is designed for ledges between 9 and 14 inches deep and includes two chaise loungers, two chaise headrest pillows, two lounge chair risers, and one regular side table. Your Deep Aqua Bundle discount will automatically be applied when you choose the colors that will look best on your tanning shelf.

To add the Deep Aqua Bundle to your cart and save 5% on accessories, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Choose the color for your two In-Pool Chaise Loungers.

Step 2: Choose the color for your two Chaise Pillows.

Step 3: Choose the color of your Regular Side Table.

Step 4: Choose the color of your lounge chair lifters.

Step 5: Confirm the total number of Deep Aqua Bundles. (2 Chaises Loungers + 2 Chaise Pillows + 2 Lounge Risers + 1 Side Table = 1 Deep Aqua Bundle)

Step 6: Select “Add to Cart” and get ready to enjoy your pool on a whole new level!

This Deep Bundle is for water depths 9 inches to 14 inches.
See individual products below for specific lead times on products and colors.

Have a question? Call us at 866-312-5826 (AQUA)

Chaise Lounger x 2

We've taken tanning on the pool ledge to a whole new affordable and comfortable level. Learn more below or order yours today and get ready to relax like never before.

Recommended for water depths of up to 9" and on a solid surface.
For water depths of 10"-14", you will need to add a chair riser to each chaise. 

All chaises currently ship within 3-7 business days of your order.

Pillow x 2

Aqua Outdoors chaise headrest pillows add comfort to your affordable in-pool chaise lounger. It is designed to be adjustable up and down to cradle your neck. Enhance your in pool lounge chairs and pool with a pop of color and style. Durable dyed acrylic outdoor fabric that will resist water and sun fading. Solid construction and made in the USA.

Available in 6 colors - White, Linen, Gray, Turquoise, Blue, and Navy.

Chaise pillows will ship within 1-2 weeks of your order.

Regular Table x 1

Aqua Outdoors side table was designed for your ledge up to 12" deep or any patio surface to enjoy a drink, or magazine, or hold your tanning lotion. Made from the same durable and resistant material as our pool lounger, the table has an upscale form to match. It will add elegance and function to your pool ledge.

The regular side table is for use in water up to 14" deep.
19" height. 18" length. 17" width.

The side tables will ship within 3-4 weeks of your order.

Riser x 2

Add a chaise riser to our in-pool lounge chairs for ledges with water depths of 9 inches and up to 14 inches. We do not recommend using a riser for depths greater than 14 inches. Easy to assemble. No tools are needed. Safe for all pool surfaces.

The riser has two slots built in the side supports. The longer (outside) slots are for water depths of 9" to 12". The shorter (inside) slots are for water depths of 12" to 14". You can use any slot you would like for depths under 12" depending on how much water you would like to sit in. The deeper depths need to use shorter slots in order for the pool loungers to stay secure to the surface.

Chaise Risers will ship within 1-2 weeks of your order.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Jane Oswaks

These chairs are chic & FANTASTIC and the customer service is outstanding. Thanks Lance and Jamie for putting a much needed (and competitive) baja shelf lounger into the marketplace. So glad I stumbled upon your website after close to a year of relentless searching for a more affordable alternative to what seemed to be the only other company making in water pool furniture. We had some delivery issues that were crazy but you were both immediately on top of resolving the situation and for that, I am both impressed and very grateful! Can't wait to see your new products in the future!!


I found Aqua Chairs through a google search. I reached out to info to ask about colors and received an immediate response from the owner Lance. This included sending me pictures of his pool with the chairs in the color that we wanted. The price point was tremendous, the customer service was top notch as was the delivery. Thanks Lance we will be enjoying as we break in our pool. Diane

Matthew Hoch

I researched sun shelf chairs for about 3 months and held off buying them simply because I heard that they are not really comfortable ....why spend $800 or more and not be comfortable.......well I am glad we purchased from Aqua Chairs.The price is less compared to other companies and the quality is exactly the same..and they are very comfortable......and shipped 1 week ahead of time.....ty


we love our chairs....the first delivery had some issues but they quickly replaced the items and all is well, highly recommend.

Cynthia Fitts

Love our Aqua Chair and pillow! Great customer service from Nancy!!